Taco Factory is dedicated to the satisfaction of every guest in the restaurant. From service to food quality and location, Taco Factory prides itself on being the best Mexican restaurant in the North Texas Area. Read some reviews from Taco Factory’s cheerful and satisfied customers.

Spoiler alert: when you got a belly full of cold blended margaritas and spicy tacos and creamy guacamole, you tend to be pretty happy.

Nice people very friendly and willing to help. Best authentic street tacos in the area.

Michael Huff

Deserving of every star. never had an experience like this one. more than pleasantly surprised when i opened up my to go box. i’m talking enough limes for my tacos, some cucumbers and some grilled onions to accompany my tacos.

Daniel Rankin

This place by far has the best tacos I’ve ever had! It was a little weird going into a gas station to order them, but so worth it. The meat is seasoned so well! The flavor was unbelievable. The barbacoa, pastor, and carnitas tacos were my favorite. The cup of corn was good but would have been better without the butter. Next time I’ll just ask for it without. For 6 tacos, 6 tamales, and a medium cup of corn it was $20. Definitely worth a visit. We will be making this one of our regular places to grab food to go!

Stephanie L.

I’ve driven past this place at least a hundred times and never thought about going in. One day that all changed… Rainy day. Craving tacos but didn’t want to drive too far. Saw this on a place on yelp and decided today was the day I went to “that one gas station taco place.” I’ve gotta say, these people know how to do tacos. I felt like I was back at the taco trucks in Austin. At $1.50 each and 1 free with a yelp check-in, the price to quantity ratio is solid. There are a couple of tables if you decide to sit inside. I’ll definitely be back.

Paul L.

First things first, tacos are really good. Their hot sauce is amazing and pretty darn spice. At least the red is anyway. But more importantly, they are super friendly and very helpful. I had a caterer back out on me and they provided tacos for 40 in 20 minutes. Literally 160 tacos in no time in the middle of a busy lunch. Don’t let the gas station location bother you get a bunch to take home and enjoy!!

Chris C.

I got 5 Tacos a combination of Pastor De Pollo and Fajita Pollo. The tacos were simple but packed some great flavors. Both were great but my favorite of the two was Pastor De Pollo! The wait time to get the food was less than 10 minutes and the food was packed well. They pack, two types of creamy sauces, sautéed onions, cucumber and lemon wedges with the order.

Broine Luhkhurk

Amazing tasty food! Great prices and food fills you up. I came here and to their new location in Princeton, Texas! Congratulations on the growth! You deserve the BEST!

Yacqueline Reyna

WOW lived right by this Chevron and never knew this place was nestled in the back corner until a neighbor told me how good it was and not were they right! Got the Philly cheese steak (sorry was hungry had to take more than a bite) and yum yum! My daughter had the hamburger and she said delicious!

Alicia Duffy

Real good tacos great service. I been looking for a taco spot around this area. This might be my go to spot.

Junior Gonzalez

They have the best authentic tacos! The best one I tried so far! My girlfriend (who's not a big fan of tacos) agreed to try them and fell in love with their tacos. Tacos from this place is the only taco she would ever come back for (her words). That says a lot. We found it very flavorful. Would highly recommend. Delicious and great price!


We have been craving street tacos and love having one so close to home! We ordered barbacoa tacos with a jamaica drink. The barbacoa holds lots of authentic great flavors and the jamaica refreshing!

SS Noms